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Geek Facebook Chatbot is a Joomla component that dipped its foot into the world of artificial intelligence by offering a customer support and online service. The component enables you to handle unlimited number of customer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week processing data and assisting customers.The component automatically acts on its own by delivering the most relevant answers to the customers. The component is really designed to have conversations with real human being

Price $39.90
Author JoomlaGeek
Date 2021-12-13
File Size 166.41 KB
Download 123

DJ-Messages developed by DJ-Extensions

is easy to setup Joomla PMS (Private Messaging System) that lets website users communicate with each other by using a simple inbox/outbox solution.
It is also integrated with DJ-Classifieds out of the box.

Price $26
Author DJ-Extensions
Date 2021-12-13
File Size 1.94 MB
Download 130

A powerful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) component for Joomla. Minitek FAQ Book Pro is an Ajax-driven, mobile-friendly, feature-rich FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) component for Joomla. It features an innovative topics taxonomy which can be used to effortlessly add structured FAQ sections to your website.

Price €45
Author Minitek
Date 2021-12-11
File Size 701.01 KB
Download 164
zipbox3EasyDiscuss Pro 5.0.6 HOT

EasyDiscuss Pro is a Joomla forum extension for Joomla! It allows you to build forums or a question and answer community on your site easily. With Pro version you must pay 79 USD to use. EasyDiscuss is developed by Stackideas

Price $79
Author Stackideas
Date 2021-12-04
File Size 7.94 MB
Download 281
zipbox4NTS UFlat 1.0.6

NTS UFlat - Reponsive uddeIM Template


JoomPMS is the best component that let your Joomla users to send private messages between each other.
Users can send, read and manage private messages from frontend easily and quickly.
Developed by Joomboost with price at 39 USD.

Price 39 USD
Author joomboost
Date 2021-10-18
File Size 2.09 MB
Download 140

JChatSocial (developed by J!Extensions Store) is a NEW and advanced live chat, video chat and video conference system fully non-hosted and subscriptions free to offer Peer-to-peer HTML5 video chat ™ in HD, Screen Sharing and Skype Bridge™! Now integrated with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, Easyprofile and developed natively as a Joomla! extension!
You won't find such a powerful chat extension. Increase the user interactivity on your website: add chat and much more in minutes. Enable your site users to collaborate on your website using their desktop and mobile: JChatSocial can be used as a plain chat or as a helpdesk. JChatSocial Enterprise has price at 49 EUR but you can download free full version to use here.

Price 49 EUR
Author Storejextensions
Date 2021-09-08
File Size 10.28 MB
Download 350
zipbox7CjForum 4.0.1

CjForum - Build awesome discussion forums with integrated social features, beautiful user interface and power packed feature set. Developed by Corejoomla and CjForum is priced at 99 USD but you can free download paid version to use!

Price $99
Author corejoomla
Date 2021-08-24
File Size 6.13 MB
Download 119

Adding conversations to your site has never been easier. Developed by Stackideas

Price 49 USD
Author Stackideas
Date 2021-07-03
File Size 123.36 MB
Download 167

WhatsApp Multi Agent is a lightweight, easy to use WhatsApp floating chat widget that is enable you to display list of support agents in your Joomla! website so your web visitor can start a conversation with them through WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web. It is 14.90 USD and developed by templateplazza.

Price 14.9 USD
Author templateplazza
Date 2021-04-27
File Size 1000.11 KB
Download 209

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat - The Messenger Platform's customer chat module allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website.

This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.

You can create Chatbots for Facebook Messenger with Chatfue or Dialogflow platforms. It is priced at 10 EUR for sale.

Price 10 EUR
Author Nordmograph
Date 2021-01-15
File Size 7.8 KB
Download 135
Minitek-Discussions-Pro 1

Minitek Discussions is a powerful Forum and Discussions component for Joomla. Minitek Discussions Pro free download pro paid premium version for Joomla. No need to search nulled Minitek Discussions Pro cracked anymore because shared latest link is free to download.

Price €45
Author Minitek
Date 2021-01-13
File Size 649.46 KB
Download 149

Full-featured bi-directional integration of phpBB 3 forum with Joomla! CMS. p8pbb bridge free download pro paid premium version for Joomla. No need to search nulled p8pbb bridge cracked anymore because shared latest link is free to download.

Price $59
Author AlterBrains
Date 2020-09-04
File Size 2.03 MB
Download 135

Livezilla AJAX Status pro module (web-expert) is integration between Joomla and Livezilla Chat and displays the chat status (online/offline) and with ajax refresh every seconds checks the status. If status has changed then will refresh the status image without the visitor need to refresh! With Pro version you can show the operators (status,department,name,e-mail and start chat option!)

Author web-expert
Date 2019-05-08
File Size 35.1 KB
Download 99

PHP Live Chat is a standalone application, that you install on your own web server. Therefore, it is an alternative to live chatting services, giving you absolute independence and freedom from periodic costs.

Live Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees.

Works with any website – HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)!

Price 15 USD
Author mirrormx
Date 2019-05-04
File Size 5.64 MB
Download 135
zipbox15JBolo 3.2.12

jBolo! This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla. It has a lot of fun features like group chat, sharing files, emoticons to add emoticons to your chat and make them more interesting much more! As far as privacy and security are concerned we’ve added some awesome features like chat opt-out and user blocking. JBolo is heavily optimized keeping bandwidth utilization to min and many more features.
The name jBolo has been derived from a Hindi word “Bolo” which means “talk”. jBolo is a messenger for Joomla.

Price $33.99
Author Techjoomla
Date 2019-04-23
File Size 8.43 MB
Download 150

In-app Chat for Developers: CometChat’s in-app communication platform delivers a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that drives meaningful user-to-user engagement for your growing business

Add chat and more to your site in minutes.

CometChat readily integrates with Joomla. You can embed CometChat in a site page or use the floating chat bar on every page of your website. Your users can initiate chat and lot more from anywhere, anytime. All features of CometChat including audio/video chat, screen-sharing, games, real-time translation and more will work effortlessly with your site.

Price $149
Author CometChat
Date 2018-12-18
File Size 14.59 MB
Download 142

SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. In fact, imagine Yahoo Answers for Joomla, but on steroids! SIMAnswers works in exactly the same way as Yahoo Answers, with a ton of extra features!

Price 24.99 USD
Author Mike Feng
Date 2018-04-04
File Size 511.67 KB
Download 136

ArrowChat is packed full of features ranging from video chat to a complete moderation system. In addition, we provide regular updates to the software to include even more.

Allow your users to engage with one another

ArrowChat goes right over the top of your existing Joomla website, so there is no need for special software or servers.

Price $125
Author Arrowchat
Date 2018-02-25
File Size 3.84 MB
Download 152

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